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Anodizing Dyes

We are engaged in Manufacturing, Exporting, and Supplying of high quality Anodizing Dyes. Our Anodizing Dyes are in huge demand in the national and international market owing to their excellent quality and economical price. In addition, many of our products are RoHS compliant.

Known For :
Light fastnessWeather fastnessFast strikingLow bleedingPleasant tone on dyeingExcellent qualityOn time deliveryEconomical
Used For : Colouring Anodized Aluminium

Anodising Dy

Product Name Shade Lightfastness
Alumon Yellow A3BL Golden Yellow 5-6
Alumon Yellow AGR Lemon Yellow 5-6
Alumon Orange G Golden Orange 6-7
Alumon Orange 2B Orange 6-7
Alumon Gold 4N 24K Gold (Inorganic Colorant) 8+
Alumon Red A3LW Fiery Red 5-6
Alumon Red A3BL Pink to Red 5-6
Alumon Bordeaux A2LN Bordeaux 5-6
Alumon Violet ACLW Pink to Purple 5-6
Alumon Blue G Sky Blue / Pure Blue 6-7
Alumon Blue 2G Dark Blue / Redder Blue 5-6
Alumon Turq. Blue A2SG Turquoise Blue 6-7
Alumon Bright Green
Bright Green Yellower tone 5-6
Alumon Green ALW Olive Green 6-7
Alumon Brown A3LW Copper Brown 6-7
Alumon Dark Brown
Dark Brown / Redder Bown 6-7
Alumon Grey A2BL Grey 6-7
Alumon Black LSB Jet black for thin coatings 8+
Alumon Black 2 Jet Black with excellent Light & Heat fastness 8+
Alumon Black 2 Jet Black with excellent Light & Heat fastness 8+
Alumon Black MLW Bluish Black to Jet Black with excellent Light
Alumon Black 2LW Bluish Grey, Navy Blue to Blue Black 8+
Alumon Black 415 Grey to Jet Black 8+
Alumon Black CRO Jet Black with Moderate Lightfastness 4-5